Nadira Mohsin
KPJAYI Authorized Ashtanga Yoga Teacher
What My Students Say
  • Nadira is a truly inspirational and knowledgeable teacher. Even one lesson with her leaves you feeling not only in awe, but incredibly energised and motivated. Her classes are run with an elegant simplicity and accomplished confidence. Nadira has a profound impact on all her students and I will always consider myself extremely fortunate that I found her class.


  • I would say the best thing about practicing Mysore Ashtanga with Nadira is that I have learned that it is an ongoing practice and not a competition. There is no end date that I have to achieve a certain posture by. There is no one scoring me. Rather it is me and my teacher working together day by day which has brought me a calming inner peace.

  • What I really like about Nadira’s teaching style is that you almost never feel lost with her. She would always guide you through a certain pose with her clear, step by step instructions. As a teacher she is gentle and understanding and carefully pushes you to your limits and doesn’t set obscure and unmanageable goals.

  • Dr Sophie Williams

    Child Psychologist
  • Elisabeth Kelly

  • Ozlem Tokman

    Author of Children's Books