Nadira Mohsin
KPJAYI Authorized Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

Traditionally, the schedule for Ashtanga is typically early morning, but you will find most studios offer classes throughout the day to accommodate everyone. The Ashtanga tradition is a six day a week practice with one day of rest, but that’s something you can work up to if you wish to build your practice gradually.

Mysore Program

Mysore is the city in which the Ashtanga Vinyasa method originated. It was developed by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, otherwise lovingly known by Ashtangis as Guruji. Guruji passed away in May 2009. His grandson, Sri Sharath Jois now leads the way in preserving the lineage and method of practice and is the director of the Sri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI).

Mysore-style is the traditional way in which the Ashtanga Vinyasa method is taught. Guruji believed in teaching one student at a time, one pose at a time. In a Mysore class, each student is given individual attention in a group class setting. The student will be taught the method at his/her own pace and time. Instruction and guidance will evolve as the practice progresses. While it can be challenging, no student will be given more than they can manage. With regular practice, and as strength, flexibility and stamina improve, each student will gradually progress as more poses are added to their sequence. This type of practice will make a very independent and empowered practitioner out of you as you are not dependent on any one teacher or studio for your practice.

When you attend your very first Mysore class at Art of Yoga / with me, you will be taken through an introduction of the Ashtanga Vinyasa method, given a taste of the physical aspect of the practice as well as a thorough run through of the all-important breathing.

Therefore, all levels of experience are welcome, given that everyone practises and progresses at their own pace. Mysore class IS suitable for absolute beginners!

Led Classes

A Led class is one in which the teacher calls out postures and vinyasas (coordination of breath and movement), all the while  counting in Sanskrit.

A led class takes you through the full primary series of the Ashtanga Vinyasa method. Students are led through the vinyasas in a continuous fashion, with an emphasis on asana names and breath counts. Students will move and breathe together in a focused and synchronised fashion, according to the cues of the teacher. Practitioners who have not completed the full primary series will be instructed on where to stop by the teacher. A led class is ideal for individuals who already have an Ashtanga practice and is not recommended as a starting point to explore the Ashtanga Vinyasa method given the level of difficulty of this class.

Led classes are normally done twice a week, along four days of Mysore practice. They are meant to eliminate any unhelpful habits one might develop in the course of self-practice, such as taking too long on the mat and resting in between poses.

Private Classes

Aside from running a Mysore program, I also offer one-on-one classes to individuals who prefer/require more face time with me.

Sometimes a student may have certain inherent health or psychological conditions that they would like to address through the practice of yoga. Or sometimes they just don’t have the time to make it to regular classes.

Private classes with me are all Ashtanga-based and specifically tailored to what that individual requires. That could be anything from losing weight to rehabilitating physical injuries to addressing psychological conditions such as non-clinical depression or anxieties. Do not that I am neither a medical doctor nor am I a psychologist. I am able to however, support individuals through these challenges by sharing useful and effective methods derived from yoga practice.

At the start of your private sessions with me, I will normally start off with a chat, to learn more about you and your situation. This is your chance to truthfully share with me your situation and what you would like to get out of our time together and it will also give me a opportunity to understand your requirements and share with you my opinion and suggestions on how to get there.

The first session will be a standalone class, which will give both of us an opportunity to decide if these sessions will be useful to have. Subsequently, Classes will be held, at least once a week, in one-month blocks.

Corporate / Group Classes

Corporate / group classes are classes specifically tailored to what your staff and organization or department needs.

What is a corporate class and what can you expect?

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Why have a corporate class?


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